It doesn’t cost a penny for us to help you get settled in Australia.

The Find a Home service was the second of our Free ancillary services that we introduced at the beginning of 2011. Our process is simple; upon receiving confirmation that your visa has been approved, our existing clients will receive a detailed questionnaire asking them about the kind of home they require. This questionnaire covers every detail related to a house and naturally allows for your own feedback.

Once we have established the kind of house you need, with your permission, we will liaise with our real estate agent partners to organise everything before you arrive. In some circumstances, the agent will even arrange for the keys to be available as soon as you arrive in Australia!

This is one of the many ways we’re helping our clients not only arrive in Australia, but settle and live in Australia. If you’d like more information, please feel free to Contact Us today.

How We Can Help You Find Accomodation

As a majority of our clients are looking to settle in Western Australia it is important to give an insight into the housing market in WA.

At the moment, Perth is still expanding in a north/south direction with an emphasis on stretching eastwards more and more. Public transport is more limited to the east of the city as it is less populated.

As more and more new houses are being built in new suburbs which are being built, development has been ongoing for a number of years with replacing older style homes with modern new homes throughout the city.

A majority of UK migrants settle in the northern suburbs around the Joondalup (June-da-lup) area.

Our Clients can get more free information by contacting ASC Migration now.

As well as liaising with real estate agents to find your permanent accommodation, we may also be able to assist you find temporary accommodation.

We can offer an insider’s know-how with regards to particular suburbs and where you should be looking to settle. As with any town across the globe, there is going to be areas you want to try and avoid. These are very few and not located near schools or public transport which and rarely sought after by people moving to Perth for the first time.

For those of you without friends or family in Perth, if you have almost made your decision on a house and just want to get a second opinion, we can have a look for you and tell you what we think and whether it’s a good buy or not.

Our Clients can get more free information by contacting ASC Migration now.

Before we can assist you with finding the right house to suit your needs, you must first be an ASC Migration client and apply for a visa through us. You should begin by completing a Free Assessment to make sure you meet the basic threshold requirements for the visa you seek.

You may want to look into some of the Australian Visas you can apply for first. We can assist you every step of the way.

We have also created relationships with other companies to complete your settlement process. Head over to Our Services to see the complete range of ways in which ASC Migration is helping their clients create a new life in Australia.

The Find a Home service is exclusive to ASC Migration and is our way of welcoming you to your new life in Australia.