...When a brief visit to paradise just isn’t enough.

The Temporary Visas category includes Working Holiday Visas, Student Visas and Tourist Visas, as well as some business-related visas, such as Business Short Stay Visas and ETA Visas. This category is intended for individuals who wish to visit Australia on holiday or stay in Australia for a longer period of time for work or study.

Thousands of Temporary Visas are issued each year, allowing people from all over the world to come to Australia to study, conduct short-term business or simply enjoy all that Australia has to offer.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of additional visa applications that are denied, which is often due to mistakes made on the application form. Realising the importance of the steps that should be taken during the application process for a Temporary Visa if you wish to transition to a permanent visa at a later date is an important consideration.

The visas that fall into this category are quite varied, and each has its own set of requirements that must be met. Some visas, in particular those that fall under the business category, also require assessments to ensure professionals obtain the correct visa for the purpose of their visit.

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All Temporary Visas

Student Visas require a multiple-step process, which can be complicated particularly if you might want to remain in Australia after your studies and transition to a permanent visa.

The criteria for this visa category is constantly changing, which is why students should seek the assistance of a Australian Registered Migration Agent when completing their application.

Australian Migration Agents are required to obtain ongoing training in order to stay abreast of legislative changes and consistently provide accurate, up-to-date advice.

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Prospective travellers from an ETA country who are of good character generally can apply to visit Australia without too much difficulty.

However, those from other parts of the world, particularly developing nations should enlist the assistance of an Australian Registered Migration Agent to try to ensure their visa application is not among the thousands of applications for Tourist Visas that are rejected each year.

At the same time, to ensure your holiday planning will go off without a hitch, we do recommend that you complete a Free Assessment, which will allow us to provide our opinion regarding whether or not you will need to obtain a visa through a formal application.

This visa is designed for students who want to study a Masters degree by research or a Doctoral degree in Australia.

This visa is for you if you want to do one of the following:

  • apply for your first student visa
  • apply for subsequent student visa
  • apply to join a family member who is in Australia on a student visa.

With this visa:

  • you can study in Australia
  • family members can accompany you to Australia
  • you can work unlimited hours once you have commenced your masters by research or doctorate course
  • your family members can work unlimited hours

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