You may have heard that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has scrapped the Subclass 457 visa. If this was the immigration pathway that best suited you, don't panic. It has been replaced with a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa and much of the previous methods and conditions of attaining this visa are similar, although certain changes have occurred to the professions that are on the DIBP's skills list. We can check whether or not you meet the requirements for a TSS visa once we have assessed all of the aspects of your visa eligibility.

The Employer Sponsorship route presents significant benefits for both the employer and employee which paved the way for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to provide processing priority for visa applications in this category. 

It is no secret that there is a skilled labour shortage in Australia. There are 3 employer sponsored visa categories:

• the Temporary Business (Subclass 457) visa, to be replaced with the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa

• the Employer Nomination Scheme

• the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

Sponsoring someone can be one of the best choices for your business as there are countless people who have the skills as well as the passion to fulfil the needs of your business.

There can be confusion surrounding Employer Sponsorship Visas, especially regarding what is actually needed, so engage an ASC Migration today and we will provide the clarity you require.

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All Employee Sponsorship Visas

The permanent Employer Nomination Scheme program allows employers to sponsor highly skilled foreign workers who are currently in Australia on a temporary basis or located outside of Australia for permanent residence to fill vacancies in their business.

This visa has three streams.

  • The Temporary Residence Transition stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for two years and their employer wants to offer them a permanent position.

  • The Direct Entry stream is for people who have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market.

  • The Agreements stream is for people sponsored by an employer through a labour or regional migration agreement.

To apply for this visa, you must:

  •  be nominated by an approved employer

  •  be younger than 50 years of age

  •  meet the skills and qualifications requirements

  •  meet English language requirements. 

However, if you do not have an employer who will nominate you, you can lodge an expression of interest and other employers and/or state and territory governments can then view your details.

Applicants must establish a specific level of English language ability. 

The threshold English language requirement is Competent English, which is an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test result showing a minimum score of 6 in each of the four components of the IELTS test or, an Occupational English Test (OET) attaining a score of at least B in each of the four components of an OET. However, some occupations require a higher level of English.

A potential employee will meet the English language threshold if they hold a valid passport from, and are a citizen of, one of the following countries;

• the United Kingdom;

• the United States of America;

• Canada; 

• the Republic of Ireland; or

• New Zealand.

Employers – ensure you complete the Business Assessment below. We will then contact you pertaining to your overseas employee.

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You have probably heard that this visa is to be replaced with a Temporary Skills Shortage visa and while some of this advice is still relevant to the new visa, we recommend you complete a Free Assessment so that we can get a better understanding of the best visa pathway for you.

The Temporary Business (Long Stay) Subclass 457 Visa is designed to enable employers to address labour shortages by bringing in genuinely skilled workers where they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian.

More and more people are choosing Employer Sponsorship Visas because they are processed very quickly and are not points tested.

One of the most popular visas being applied for today is the Subclass 457 visa. For the employee it means that their employer offers them an employment contract and takes care of the visa costs.

For the employer it means they can have a skilled worker with as much as experience as they need in the country and working for them very quickly. In a tight labour market where skilled workers are hard to find, the 457 route has been pleasing for the both employee and the employer.

Please note however that 457 sponsors are required to test the local labour market before they nominate a position to ensure that there is no suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizen or permanent resident or ‘eligible temporary visa holder’ readily available to fill that position.

Consequently, employers seeking to access a subclass 457 visa programme to employ an oversea worker to fill a nominated vacancy in their business must first test the local labour market, so specific and professional guidance will be necessary. 

So Contact Us now for Free no obligation advice and we can talk you through the process and give you the professional guidance you need.

After a number of years working for their employer, the subclass 457 applicant is also eligible to apply for permanent migration to Australia.


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